Temporary anchoring device

The SPIDER temporary anchoring device is a Ø1.8mm titanium self-tapping screw. The implants are manufactured with a titanium alloy Ti 6Al-4V ELI (gr 5) in accordance with ASTM F-136.

It is indicated to offer a fixed anchor point for the placement of orthodontic appliances, in order to facilitate the orthodontic movement of the teeth. It is used temporarily and is removed after having finished the orthodontic treatment.

The implants should be used only once. Do not resterilize and reuse. In this case, a product failure and possible injury to the patient could occur.

  • Immediate loading
  • Topical anesthetic only in most cases
  • No incision or lapel required
  • Without milling, it does not require a previous hole
  • Indicated for use in orthodontic applications
  • 1.8mm micrometer screw implant (MSI) made of 23rd grade titanium alloy
  • The stainless steel SPIDER bowl has a retentive groove and 0.076 mm (0.030 in) holes for fixing